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Help me test my "mmo paint"?

2015-02-27 04:26:54 by elpepiii

I am making (or at least trying to) some sort of "mmo paint". The idea is to make everyone connect to the same canvas and draw pixel art at the same time.

So yeah... It would be really cool if you could try it and tell my what you think about it! (or maybe the server will just explode)
Here is the link: MMO paint

-Left click: primary color, right click: secondary color.
-Arrows to move camera
-Scroll wheel to zoom



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2015-02-27 06:15:34

It's pretty good, it's all there. Although it would be convenient if you had an eraser and a fill tool. =) Other than that it's a great idea, I'd like to doodle with other people. :D

elpepiii responds:

To erase you could just paint white, and a fill tool could ruin the whole canvas, that's why I didn't do it


2015-02-27 14:13:02

How do you save? I've been working on this lonely for a while, and wish to save it, before someone messes it up. Any help?
P.S. If you don't see danidre14 drawn on bottom right, then someone already messed it up. :\

elpepiii responds:

There is no save option at the moment. You can take a screenshot I guess haha.


2015-02-27 14:40:53

I like the limitations - it's a fun challenge to make something :) Can't wait to see where you'll take it... and hopefully it goes big! :D

It'd be cool to see like 50 people in it at once :3 Although, then my dragon would never stand a chance! Hehee

elpepiii responds:

I'm glad you liked it!
Your dragon is great!


2015-02-27 18:33:46

Good basis, would like to see it go places. I left my mark.

elpepiii responds:

Thank you!


2015-02-27 21:26:02

I see a lot of 18+ drawings with censored, and even Zanzlanz's dragon is ruined, and my sweet sunny picture with the puppy is gone. ;( I don't like this any more, that took me an hour. :\

elpepiii responds:

I'm sorry dude, I gotta see what can I do to prevent trolling.